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Your secret weapon to paying off a mortgage in 7-10 years, slashing up to $400,000 in mortgage interest, making millions investing in property and living an abundant lifestyle by leaps and bounds is HERE!
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Finally! A Simple Pathway To Go From Living Pay Cheque To Pay Cheque To A Thriving Life Of Choice And Abundance WITHOUT The Stress Of Piecing It Together Yourself OR Surviving On 2-Minute Noodles
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Take Back The Control Of Your Life And Money From The Bank With Leaps&Bound's Step-By-Step Proven Process
Over 1000 Kiwi Homeowners are using our proven process to start living the life they choose instead of settling for the limited lifestyle their money provides after paying huge mortgage repayments.

Now the same proven process is easier to use with the Leaps&Bounds web and mobile app!

Use your Leaps&Bounds membership to learn how to:
✔ Pay off a mortgage in 7-10 years
✔ Eliminate up to $400,000 of mortgage interest
✔ Get control of your money and bank balance
✔ Invest in property for your future
✔ Create the lifestyle of your choice
Paying off your mortgage years ahead of schedule will open the opportunity for you to work less or take time off work, spend more time doing what you're passionate about, create more memories with your family, and, quite frankly, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO.
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Learn How To Free Up Enough Cash To Travel The World, Provide An Abundant Lifestyle For You And Your Family AND Retire Comfortably With A Life Of Choice
Private Messaging With Experts
Get direct access to award-winning financial coaches and mortgage advisers at Futurebound.
In-App, Group & 1on1 Coaching
Get guidance as you apply what you're learning to your financial situation from the experts in your membership.

Learn insider secrets about your bank, mortgage, money management and more AND discover the exact steps to reach your financial goals.

Guides, Calculators & More

Quickly apply what you learn with easy-to-use tools.

Tutorial Videos
Get step-by-step instruction about how to use the tools in your membership.
Progress Trackers

Log your progress so you stay on track to hitting your financial goals year after year.

Content Videos

Get the latest tips, tricks and hacks for your mortgage and personal finances.

Community Connection
Get inspired by your mortgage & financial freedom tribe.
App Exclusives

Get exclusive access to bonus trainings, tools, videos and more.

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Seamlessly update your account on your phone and laptop without losing your info.

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Quickly find what you want or follow simple directions to get there.
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Get tech help from the developers when you need it and the Futurebound experts.

How To Get Started
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Make Your Friends And Family Wonder How You're Living 'Like A Boss' While They're Scraping By
Choose a plan that works best for your financial goals and let's get started!
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Avoid Common Mortgage & Personal Finance Mistakes And Pitfalls
Eliminating up to $400,000 of mortgage interest can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take which makes them take far longer than they need to. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step process and you’ll avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that cost you in time and money.

You won’t just save time either. When you follow our advice closely, you'll also gain more control of your money and get more clarity on how to build the life you want than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.
Over 90% Of Homeowners Won't Pay Off Their Mortgage In 7-10 Years Without The Right Guidance
Sadly, without the right help over 90% of homeowners will never reach their mortgage freedom in 7-10 years. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught how to eliminate interest payments and target principle properly. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.
With Leaps&Bounds, you'll create plans that will help you structure and repay your mortgage so you can pay effectively 0% interest and wipe out your principle super fast.

Whenever you're stuck along the way, simply privately message a financial coach or client support team member. They'll guide you through to a solution.

When you join one of our courses and/or coaching programs, you'll see how achievable it is to reach mortgage & financial freedom, and do it much faster than you ever thought was possible.
Say Goodbye to the 30-year Mortgage...
Just like they did! 
Kimberley's Story
Chris' Story
Kotisi & Kelly's Story
Slashed $242,000
"We actually had more money at the end of each week....
"...Following the plan you put down on paper, which seems stupid. But it was just really simple. It's kind of counterintuitive. It sounds [like] upside down world, right? For such little change that we had to do, we got such a good return, such a big return....We've been doing trips to Sydney once a year, twice a year!"
- Cam and Marie, Wellington
Freehold in 6 years
Time saved 17 years
Slashed $365,000
"We just thought we were locked in for like that whole 25 years."
"We're learning stuff that we never would have thought of unless we've done this course. And, yeah, I think before we did this course, we just had no idea of how we can save money or how we can.  We didn't even know we could pay for the mortgage faster.  Now we see  we'll actually have paid off our mortgage." 
- Kotisi & Kelly, Auckland
Freehold in 8 years 3 months
Time saved 12 years 9 months
Slashed $192,000
"It just really reduced my anxiety around what I'm doing"
It's just really reduce my anxiety around what I'm doing and where I'm going and what I need to do.  And it's just made the plan very, very clear for me. The trade off has been not only the financial advice but it's actually significantly helped me in all aspects of my life in terms of planning, just reducing my anxiety around money.
- Katrina, Gisborne
Freehold in 14 years 5 months
Time saved 14 years 7 months
Slashed $141,000
"Informative... Excited... Blown away"
"It really helps us understand a bit more what's going to happen. And yeah, we're really excited.  I definitely recommend it.  I've looked [at] so much just in the first four modules, just blown away with how different things could be just with making more adjustments."
- Jesse & Amanda, Meremere
Freehold in 1 year 8 months
Time saved 26 years 4 months
Slashed $219,000
From "nerve wracking" to obsessed
"We found it a bit nerve wracking going into it, but once we had it, yeah, we couldn't really stop talking about it all day. So it was great. We found it good, because you could go at your own pace. You could go back if you didn't understand it."
- Nathan & Tascha, Inglewood
Freehold in 7 years 6 months
Time saved 21 years 6 months
Slashed $397,000
Shocked...Easy to follow...Helpful prompts
" was really nice to have you kind of walk us through everything... It is kind of a shock how much we could do in such a short time. It was quite informative & easy to follow and especially, you know with the prompts and you've been able to show it as we talk through it on the screen."
- Katrina, Gisborne
Freehold in 14 years 5 months
Time saved 14 years 7 months
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